Xylophone Bridge: Seoul's Interactive Music-Making Bike Path


From recycled dividers to DIY 'contrails' and contraflow bike lanes, the bike path is something that is constantly evolving. In collaboration with the Seoul Design Foundation, this year's Seoul Cycle Design Competition offers a Pavlovian take of musical fancy on this subject: the Xylophone Bridge by Yeon Jae Won and Woo Jeong Heo which interactively plays music and lights up when riders glide over it.


And what a fun (and potentially bumpy) ride it seems to be: the design features wooden bars of varying lengths and corresponding musical notes that are sounded by an internal hammer as a bicycle rolls over them. In terms of a wider urban concept, the idea would be to have a number of Xylophone Bridges, each playing different music and placed strategically along the river to really give biking a light up in Seoul.



According to the designers of the shortlisted entry:

Recently, as bike road has been constructed on bridges in seoul, use of the road has increased by many riders. When you across the bridge, 'Xylophone Road' will give a unique experience that you can feel only in Seoul.

Since biking is an effective way to cut urban congestion and improve air quality, the aim of the competition is to encourage bike riding in the Korean metropolis. With the competition's theme described as "cycling with design, Seoul style", the goal is to "help build a design-oriented city that focuses on its people". One can only imagine that urban interventions such as this can make a city that much more bike-friendlier, while adding some more harmonious notes to the urban cacophony too.

via Designboom
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