Wretched Excess: Private yachts are so yesterday, now it's private floating islands.

island with whale
© Migaloo/ perfect for eco-tourist activities like whale-watching.

These are trying times in the world, and when President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Elizabeth May start fighting over the giant wall on the border and damming the Columbia River, it may be time to consider the alternatives. Austrian company Migaloo provides an interesting option for those who don't think yachts can cut it: they are offering five designs for semi-submersible private islands.

migaloo island from above© Migaloo from above

They are sort of a cross between a super yacht and a lair for a Bond villain, and are probably a good option if you are not into Seasteading. According to Australian News,

Owners of the island would be treated to 360-degree views within the penthouse, accessible by an 80-metre elevator.Around the complex, residents would find all the amenities expected on a land-based tropical getaway — including a spa, gym, beauty salons, bar and pool. The inclusion of vertical gardens, palm trees and even a shark-feeding station add more natural elements to the nautical island.

Island at dusk© Migaloo

No word on whether it is solar powered or whether the food is organic, or whether the bulbs are LED, but no doubt it can be designed to TreeHugger correct specifications. After all, it is all custom. According to the managing director Christian Gumpold,

We developed an initial design concept to show our ideas and the main design direction. Our design team needed some months for this, but the actual details in the design — depending on the client’s wishes — will be a much longer and intense process.

Migaloo at sea© Migaloo

So if you want composting toilets and a vertical farm, they can probably accommodate you. Found on Gizmodo, whose title we cannot repeat here.

Wretched Excess: Private yachts are so yesterday, now it's private floating islands.
But, we ask, are they green and sustainable?

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