Wretched Excess Dept: World's Largest Bathtub Needs 6,340 Gallons of Water

dripping faucet photo

Photo by Angelo González via Flickr CC

Baths aren't the greenest use of water, and that's with standard sized bath tubs. So what about a 4-foot deep, 72-foot long tub that snags the Guinness World Record (UK) as the biggest bathtub? Yeah... it's definitely not the greenest use of water. The $118,000 tub comes complete with steam rooms, perfumed sauna boxes, LCD screens, Jacuzzi pool, high-tech shower panels along with a large water pool and a four feet deep tub...and in case you get too prune-y to get out, a telephone service.

The monstrous tub is currently on display in Mumbai, India. We're a little surprised it isn't in Dubai - perhaps it could be part of the tower currently under construction that has a planned 57 swimming pools...

Via Luxury Launches via Gizmodo
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