Wretched Excess Dept.: Over-the-Top Playhouses That Cost More Than A real House

kyoto playhouse

Image credit Smart Playhouse

I must confess, I am in love with SmartPlayhouse's miniature versions of modern classics, like this Kyoto model. But it somehow seems wrong, in this time when so many people have lost their houses, for the very rich to be spending up to a quarter of a million dollars on playhouses for their kids. Even the owner of a $50K playhouse acknowledges it in the New York Times:

Some people might consider it "obnoxious" for a child to have a playhouse that costs more and has more amenities than some real houses, she conceded. But she sees it as an extension of the family home. "My daughter loves it," she said. "And it's certainly a conversation piece."

I suppose that one shouldn't be surprised, in a time with the largest income disparity since the great depression, that the very rich can afford to spend $248,000 on a playhouse. As the former CEO of Raytheon says:

I wanted another reason for the grandkids to come over...We've got chairs arrayed all around it, so we can watch the kids run, climb and scream," he said. "It's adorable and worth every penny.


Image Credit American Progress

Perhaps the slideshow in the New York Times should be shown to all of those politicians who refuse to even consider a tax increase even though the top rate is less than half of what it used to be. But it probably wouldn't matter to them; as playhouse builder Barbara Butler says,

"Childhood is a precious and finite thing, and a special playhouse is not the sort of thing you can put off until the economy gets better."

Or, as Allison Arieff tweeted, Or you could go with a cardboard box."

They should be ashamed of themselves at the New York Times
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