Wretched Excess Dept.: A Parking Space With A View

peter kunz garage with a view photo

Images credit Peter Kunz Architectur

A wealthy Italian client once told me to put a ceramic tiled floor with radiant heat under his Ferrari. He said "a Ferrari is like a woman, you have to give her a nice place to live and keep her warm." I have no doubt that there are quite a few people who treat their cars better than their architects or their wives; perhaps some of them keep their Porsches in Architect Peter Kunz's Garage studio in Herdern.

peter kunz garage with a view photo

Cube me writes:
The architect Peter Kunz built these parking boxes with glass facade so you can park your car and enjoy the view at the same time. From outside the cars look like a piece of art in precious boxes.

peter kunz garage with a view photo

Here is the view. the project is from 1999, and not the last to devote such love to the car. More images at Peter Kunz Architektur.


I suppose it isn't as bad as Takuya Tsuchida's design for Wretched Excess Dept: a Lamborghini in the Living Room

holger schubert

Then there is Holger Schubert's Brentwood home, where he parks his Maserati in the living room. It's all a bit much.

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