Wretched Excess Dept: A £250,000 Dog House

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But hey, with the US$ so strong, thats only $ 382,469 and it is for two dogs, so that is a lot less per dog. So what if people are hungry or losing their jobs, let them build doghouses. Inside:

the dogs will sleep on sheepskin-lined, temperature-controlled beds, soothe their aches in an 18in-deep spa, howl along to a £150,000 sound system and watch dog-friendly programmes on a 52-inch plasma TV.

Automatic dispensers will ensure that chilled, filtered water and deluxe dry food are always available.

The two dogs will each have a bedroom with large windows which overlook their own private playground. 'Dog-vision' webcams allow their owner to monitor their activity 24 hours a day, while climate control ensures they are kept warm.

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It has been designed by leading architect Andy Ramus, and will be built from materials such as zinc, glass and limestone at the estimated cost of £250,000.

A spokesman for Lower Mill Estate said: 'This is the first animal request we've had.

'People can design their own homes and this is a bit eccentric but it's really nice that someone appreciates their pets as much as this lady does.

'She's designed their quarters with all their needs at the fore.'

And no doubt is keeping the British economy humming. More at the Mail via ArchNewsNow

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