Wretched Excess Department: Is Steve Jobs' Yacht a Hit or a Miss?

Venus bowDVICE/Screen capture

Some very rich people flaunt their wealth; Steve Jobs was almost modest and understated. The house he had designed for his family was understated and reserved, and his apple stores are models of fine detailing but minimalist restraint. So I was surprised to see images of his yacht, the Venus, that was recently completed.

1906 dreadnoughtPRS2 Dreadnought/Public Domain

When Jobs worked with Jony Ives, the real precedent was Dieter Rams. Here, he worked with Philipe Starck, who I have always thought was a bit full of himself and his abilities (remember when he reinvented the wind turbine?) The precedent appears to be a 1906 dreadnought with that knife of a bow.

As for the reverse-sloping chopped-off stern, it reminds me of an AMC Gremlin.

GremlinAMC Gremlin/Promo image

I know there is nothing really TreeHugger about this post, other than to say that it is pretty close to the first time that Jobs has done something that is so...excessive. What do you think?

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