Wrap It Better with Artists


Every treehugger knows that wrapping presents in newsprint is de rigeur this season. But forget about the comic section. Impress your friends with gifts wrapped in (recycled) paper designed by the artistocracy of England's artists. Every day this week, the Guardian has printed a full-sized sheet of festive wrap on newsprint, with a design by one of the hippest of the stars. Oddly enough, they are all rather grim and threatening. Monday's wrap was by Timorous Beasties, known for their macabre depictions of seemingly everyday scenes--it's a sinister picture of Santa and his reindeer (pictured bottom left). Tuesday is Rachel Whiteread, with photos of cardboard boxes taped up (top right). Wednesday is Paula Rego who specialises in drawings of tortured and pained Jane Austen figures (bottom right). Tracy Emin's (left) is a sketch of wine and fish with the words "The Friday Supper" reversed and Mark Tichner's is a wreath with three raised fists and the words " If I Can". Which one is best for wrapping the Oxfam goat? :: Guardian