World's Skinniest House Is Less Than Four Feet Wide

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Aristotle said "No great genius was without a mixture of insanity." Marcel Proust wrote "Everything great in the world is created by neurotics. They have composed our masterpieces, but we don't consider what they have cost their creators in sleepless nights, and worst of all, fear of death."

Perhaps that's why Jakub Szczęsny designed this hermitage, this "studio for invited guests - young creators and intellectualists from all over the world."- it will drive them completely crazy.

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Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of living in small spaces. I write about them all the time. But the Keret House is 122 cm (48.031") at its widest, 72 (28.34") at its narrowest. I know people wider than that.

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I will admit that it has some clever attributes; I like the way the stair pulls up and the treads go flat so that you can use it as living space. It does use space efficiently. But it only has two dinky windows and an even dinkier skylight, for no discernible reason. It's like living in a squished ping pong ball.

Suzanne Labarre at Fast Company complains:

Aesthetically, the Keret House isn't gonna win any beauty contests. It's been compared to everything from a pregnancy test to a sanitary napkin. (Our vote is for "pregnancy test.")
Being a guy I am not so sure about those analogies, but fall back to one of my favourite stories:

Jakub Szczęsny would be an architectural hero in Flatland, but here in Spaceland, it is nice not to have to walk sideways. More images at Archdaily and an interesting take from Robert Krulwich on NPR.

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