World's Most Efficient Solar Hot Water Panel Unveiled (Sort Of...)

solar water heater photo

Not the actual thing... photo: Abri le Roux via flickr
Hawaii’s mandated them on new homes and plenty of people not compelled by building codes have embraced them as well, now an Irish firm, Surface Power, has unveiled what they are claiming to be the world’s most efficient solar hot water panel:131% More Efficient In Morning & Evening
After six years of development and testing, and independent certification by TUV Rhineland, the new panels were shown to be 131% more efficient in the morning and evening, and 76% more at midday, than other solar hot water panels. Surface Power says that their new panels have the potential to reduce domestic and commercial hot water bills by up to 70%.

I’d like to say that there’s more available on the Surface Power website, including some photos of the actual panel and maybe some prices, but there isn’t (at least at the time of this writing...).

via: Renewable Energy World
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