World Without Oil


World Without Oil is an alternate reality game funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and ITVS. It's an online game, with the premise that we have reached peak-oil. The site features a ‘reality dashboard’, which shows fictional gas prices, fuel shortages, and other metrics for chaos, suffering and economic impact for different parts of the country, updated every day. The aim is to investigate the many possible socio-economic outcomes of running out of oil, and to entertain at the same time.
If you want to get involved, then you are invited to write blog posts, create videos, take photos and use any other means necessary to document what life is like in this fictional post-oil world.
The idea is half-fiction, half investigative process - the game’s motto is, 'Play it, before you live it'. It launched on Monday, and people have already submitted hundreds of documents, which you can freely browse. There is also an official ‘back-story’, written by the game’s organisers which will be used to introduce new events and circumstances. For instance, the latest game updates include instructions on how to throw fuel-free parties. If all this sounds interesting, but slightly confusing, then don't worry - that's the idea. A post-oil world will be confusing. Sign up and get involved. :: World Without Oil

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