Work Saving Tip: The "Wood Chuck," By Carts Vermont

zoe black laborador retriever bored firewood photo

Zoe the black lab loves to follow me around when I go outside; but, she gets bored fast when I go for the firewood (pictured). And, who can blame her? As our readers pointed out in the recent post How Much Wood Would A Tree Hugger Burn, If A Tree Hugger Would Burn Wood the average piece of wood destined for the woodstove gets moved at least 6 times before it catches fire. Split, carry to storage area, stack, put in wagon, etc.

I knew there had to be a way to simplify the work process. Especially the hauling-in part. Enter the Wood Chuck.

wood chuck cart door entry photo
Designed to go straight from the wood pile, and narrow enough to go directly through the door, Wood Chuck rolls across the floor, and up the steps if needed, helped by the large diameter wheels.

Sure beats offloading from a large wagon or other four wheeled cart, into a small carrier bag: hefting multiple bag loads indoors and letting cold air in the door multiple times.

This is for logs at least 16 inches long - not very useful for small woodstoves designed to take foot-long, narrow firewood.

One load on the Vermont-made Wood Chuck gets me through a full day and night, by the way.

wood chuck cart fireplace photo
The drawback of direct wood cart entry into the home is that the wheels can track in mud and grass bits (as pictured). The solution for a carpet-crossing is to lay a drop cloth, which you can later roll up and shake off outside. This helps with muddy feet as well.

If you need to pull the cart up stairs, make sure to put a bungee cord, or two, over the wood to keep the load stable.

A few mods with a big cloth bag hanging across the handle bar and you could easily adapt the Wood Chuck for hauling groceries up the stairs

The OEM is Carts Vermont, which sells direct. Many other online vendors sell them.

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