Woosh Water is reinventing the drinking fountain

woosh water station tel aviv israel
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Water conservation is a huge concern in Israel and the rest of the Middle East. An interesting startup in Israel called Woosh Water is helping conserve water and reduce plastic consumption by reinventing the public drinking fountain with a high-tech and networked solution.

Woosh Water stations allow users to refill water bottles and reduce the consumption of disposable plastic water bottles.

The stations can be used by anyone, but the system works best when users join the network. After joining online, users receive a small keychain sensor to login when they refill their bottle. And because they are networked together, the Woosh Water Stations track how much water a user has consumed and how many plastic bottles they have kept out of the waste stream by using a reusable bottle, as well as how many all Woosh users have collectively avoided. This provides a social reward and incentive for people to use the system and encourage others to participate, as well.

To date, Woosh has five stations in Tel Aviv and around 12,000 users and reports having saved more than 41,000 plastic water bottles.

To help overcome the stigma of using public fountains, the units also sanitize bottles and filter the water before refilling, so the water tastes great.

Here's a quickie demo of the way the sanitizing and refilling works.

Woosh sees these stations as being perfect for public parks, beaches, universities and especially airports.

It is a very clever design and and I expect we'll eventually see this technology and Woosh Water Stations in urban cities and airports around the world.

Visit Woosh Water for more.

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