Woodpecker Alarm Clock Doesn't Tell Time, But Will Get You Out of Bed Anyway

woodpecker alarm clock image

Image via Natalie Duckett

An alarm clock that doesn't tell time seems counterintuative, but actually, the thinking behind this concept from designer Natalie Duckett is very smart. We all need our eight hours of sleep so she's come up with a clock that measures how long you've been asleep and wakes you up when you've had the right dose of zzzs. And there's no risk sleeping through this one. Duckett has devised a clock with an effectiveness on par with the Clocky. It imitates the sound of a woodpecker. Other than a mockingbird imitating a car alarm outside your window, there isn't a much more annoying bird sound to awaken to. However, it doesn't last for long. As the user keeps up a schedule of eight hours of sleep, the alarm clock's bark wears away, literally quieting it as it is less relied upon and the body takes over a healthy sleep pattern.

woodpecker clock image

There are two alarms, one for the evening, telling you when you should hit the sack, and one in the morning, telling you when it's time to start your day. Rather than relying on daily schedules dictated by, oh, say, your job, the alarm clock returns us to the idea that sleep is a natural process. That means eight hours of sleep, rather than crawling into bed after your favorite late show and crawling out at 6 am to get ready for work. Of course the practicality of it is questionable since our schedules often vary throughout the week, but the idea is appealing especially its reliance on nature to help us return to better sleeping habits.

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