Woodloops, Pure FSC Furniture


What happens when a product designer/carpenter gets together with a forester? –Sustainable furniture. Since 2003 René Müller and Nina Griesshammer work under their company's name Woodloops based in Germany and Spain. Beautifully sculpted wooden shapes form everyday objects such as chunky stools and tables, elegant beds and also more abstract forms such as the Forest Beads to sit on.

But the team doesn’t stop here and also designs booths for trade fairs and my favourite piece from their collection: the folding ruler called wood_stock.

Each piece of this traditional folding ruler is made from a different timber. On one side it shows the scale, and on the other side it tells you from which tree the wood comes from with beautiful graphics of its fruits and leaves. Different series of woods from different temperate zone are available. Each ruler is a ‘small pocket dictionary’ of 10 different woods. Of course the ruler as well as all their other products are made from FSC-certified wood. For prices, please contact Woodloops directly. ::Woodloops

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