Wooden Low-H20 Radiator by Jaga


Jaga, the international radiator factory from Belgium, have developed a low-H2O range called Energy Savers. ‘A new standard for sustainable heating’ is what they offer you by having reduced the energy consumption up to 12% compared to traditional radiators, and the water volume to 1 tenth. That is an average of 2 litres instead of 20 per radiator. The principle is simple: the lesser water there is, the faster it heats up with lesser energy. A heat exchanger made of aluminium and copper instead of thick steel plates that take a while to heat up, allows for instant heat transfer. This and the reduced water volume allow the radiators to react faster in order to heat or stop heating. According to Jaga, ‘a home with Low-H2O radiators annually emits as much as 1000 kg less CO2’, and hence contributes to achieving the Kyoto standard as well as to keeping your energy and water bills low.
The Low-H20 heat exchanger comes standard for all Energy Savers. These pure copper and aluminium radiator bodies are totally non-corrosive and come with a 30 year guarantee. Plus they can be used in combination with high efficient or condensation boilers.When it comes to choosing the design of the Energy Savers, many different casing options are available. The Knockonwood option certainly seems the most eco-friendly version as well as a very beautiful one. This removable wood casing comes with a 10 year guarantee, is scratch-resistant and safe to touch. Investigating a little deeper, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the wood used is FSC certified and that Life Cycle Analysis are being carried out to improve all their products. Longevity and weight reduction are already steps into the right direction apart from their more obvious goal of saving energy.
All in all not a bad option if you choose to heat your home with radiators, and certainly a very attractive one. Different wall models and sizes are available from their factories in Europe. At B&Q; in the UK, the prices start at £199 for a Natural Beech radiator (600 x 300mm). Thanks Sergio for the tip! ::Jaga
More information from TreeHugger’s guide for How to Go Green: Heating.

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