Wooden Food Crates Wall In Mexico Shows Cool, Original Use For This Material

Wooden Food Crates Wall By Talco - Photo

Photos: Talco.

Discarded food crates, whether wooden or plastic, are an amazing material we've seen repurposed in pavillions, furniture, and mobile spaces. In a fresh approach, Mexican design and architecture studio Talco turned the things into division walls for the art gallery they opened at their workplace.The technique to build the wall is pretty evident and easy to emulate, though it's not clear whether the crates are sticked together or just assembled together. By the look of the floating crates in the picture below, they're probably sticked or bonded somehow.

A nice detail is the line where the crates are backwards, creating a sort of shelve which is not used in this case but that could be cool for an indoor wall.

Wooden Food Crates Wall By Talco - Photo

Talco is a collective of designers and architects which works with a strong focus on appreciating the different qualities of materials and with an eye on sustainability. Based in La Paz, Baja California Sur, the group is headed by designers Adriaan Schalkwijk and Mauricio Sanchez Torres.

For more on their work, head to their website.

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