Wooden LEGOs from Mokurukku: A non-plastic alternative

Mokurukku© Mokurukku

For parents who are trying to avoid plastic toys like the plague (and probably with varying degrees of success, considering the ubiquitousness of plastic), there is a Japanese company that is making affordable LEGO-style blocks out of durable woods.

Coming in a sack of 50 pieces, Mokurukku's well-crafted wooden MokuLock blocks are made out of maple and birch. Each piece measures approximately 32 by 16 by 13 millimetres, and come in a variety of subtle but natural shades, and textures perfect for sensitive little fingers.

Mokurukku© Mokurukku

And fear not, if your kids won't part with their plastic LEGOs, according to State of Green these wooden beauties are compatible with their plastic cousins.

Mokurukku© Mokurukku

An interesting aside: LEGOs used to be made out of wood, before the factory burned down, twice -- prompting the move to plastic LEGOs.

The set costs US $32, for ages three and up. Check out Iichi to purchase.

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