Wood Design from Spain; Graffiti, Typography & Prefab Housing - Part 3 (Photos)

spanish wood 5 pino sign photo

Image Credit: 5º Pino

Here is the last part of from this beautiful collection of wood design from Spain, put together by Confemadera. Check out the previous posts about a fun wooden bicycle and the stunning heritage ceilings from the South, and last week's Fab Lab House and micro-islands along the Spanish coast. This week it's about wooden graffiti, 3D wood typographies and energy-efficient modular prefab housing.Adaptable Prefab Housing

spanish wood cuatro50 prefab housing photo

Cuatro50 is a housing project devised by Nuñez Ribot Architects that takes on prefab housing and makes it adjustable to both budget and time. These homes can be custom-designed by the buyer thanks to a simple system of adjustable modules wrapped in an elegant skin of Valsain pine. You can have it spacious or micro-livable, open or divided up, but always energy efficient.

Writing with Wood

spanish wood 5 pino restaurant photo

Lo Siento is a Barcelona-based graphic design studio widely renowned for its three dimensional typographies. For the brand identity of the bar-restaurant El 5º Pino, designer Borja Martinez created a sign that has been hand made from cherry and pinewood. The Spanish expression 5º Pino (5th Pine Tree), stands for something that is miles away but this restaurant is not too hard to get to from Barcelona's city centre.

The Egurra Patchwork

spanish wood patchowrk graffiti photo

Calle Egurra is a street in an historic Basque village. As is the case with many ancient urbs in this part of Spain, buildings on the Calle Egurra have become very deteriorated and are fast losing their inherent beauty. In a final year project that won a Vivir Con Madera award, the three art and design students María Edroso, Miren Fernández and Itziar Muñiz 'dressed' the street's walls with a patchwork of discarded wood and timber. They chose the material in order to maintain the historic feel of the location, and because it will be rendered with varying colors and forms over the passages of time.

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