Wood Design from Spain: Fab Lab Houses, Wooden Islands and Spanish Guitars - Part 2 (Photos)

spanishwoodmircocoast photo

Image Credit: Vicente Guallart

Last week I posted a stunning wooden bicycle, and the beautiful heritage of wooden ceilings in Andalusia from a series of wood design from Spain that Confeadera put together. Other works include the Fab Lab House, some micro-islands perfect for sunbathing on rocky beaches and of course, the Spanish Guitar!Form Follows Energy at the Fab Lab House

spanish wood fab lab house photo

Image Credit: IaaC

We cannot talk about wood design from Spain without mentioning the Fab Lab House by the IaaC. It is a very attractive modular building, half solar, half wood! "A solar house should be made of a solar material, such as wood", says Salvador Rueda, Ecologist and Director of Barcelona's Urban Ecology Agency.

Its wooden structure, made in Barcelona, harnesses environmental factors (sun, wind and water) and actually produces twice as much energy as it needs to function. The Fab Lab House can be built with local materials anywhere in the world since it is a digital design made from plywood.

Wood Beside the Seaside: Micro-coasts at Vinarós

spanish wood mirco coasts photo

Image Credit: Vicente Guallart

Vinaròs is a town on the Mediterranean coast of Spain about halfway between Barcelona and Valencia. The shoreline and its immediate surface area are constantly changing due to erosion and much of the coastline has been blighted by residential developments.

However, inspired by small-scale the beauty of the area's inlets, coves and rock formations, architects Marta Malé, responsible for the (Fab)bots, and Vicente Guallart devised a series of micro-coasts, or timber islands. This charming intervention not only 'socialises' the area but acts as a reminder of the original coastline. The platforms are composed of two different pieces, one flat and another that can be folded, allowing people to use them in different ways.

The Spanish Guitar, not made in China

spanish wood guitar carrillo photo

Image Credit: Vicente Carrillo

Classical guitars have been handcrafted in Casasimarro, a small town in the centre of Spain, since the 18th century. Vicente Carrillo was born into one of the most famous of Casasimarro's guitar-making families and his personality is embedded into each instrument he makes, reflecting one way or another the care and work placed into it. Whether he is crafting a Classical Guitar or a Flamenca, Carrillo strives for a balance between quality of sound, volume and construction. Artists such as Keith Richards, Mike Oldfield and Alejandro Sanz and flamenco guitarists like Tomatito or Cañizares all make music with a Carrillo guitar. It is nice to see that this craft is still very much alive and thought after around the world.

Amazing what you can turn wood into if you know how. Plus, if the wood comes from sustainably managed forests and the stuff we make from it keeps being biodegradable at the end of its life; even better!

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