Wood Design from Spain; Bicycles, Trees and Heritage - Part 1 (Photos)

spanish wood confemadera photo

Image Credit: Confemadera

After the beautiful Xylophone of the Forest I shared with you last month, I came across a selection of amazing wooden designs from Spain, both century-old and brand new ones. Confemadera put together an impressive selection of life-enhancing objects and structures from the oldest and noblest of materials, which also happens to be totally renewable and biodegradable if used correctly. Here are a few examples of successful design.Innovation with Wood: A New Bicycle

After a long period of research, the design team at Axalko discovered that the tubular fibers of wood were perfect for creating a fast, stable bicycle frame. Wood is resistant, light and can absorb a high level of vibration, not forgetting its excellent natural aesthetic properties.

spanish wood bicycle photo

Image Credit: Axalko

Built mostly by hand and to professional standards, the bike is available in several types of wood, including the striking purple-coloured amaranth or striped zebrawood. Durable, practical, elegant, and green, the Axalko bike sets the bar high for stylish commuting.

See also this wooden bicycle and the Renovo Bike.

From Lamps to Trees

spanish wood santecole air pots photo

Image Credit: Santa&Cole;
Santa&Cole; is a furniture and lighting design company situated in the rural Parc Belloch in Catalonia. Since trees have now become an important element in cities, next to street furniture, the company runs a beautiful nursery of over 70 species of trees, each with a microchip implanted in its core to record growth. All their trees are grown in Air Pots (see image above). Santa&Cole; are known to be contributing to a sustainable environment and their way of linking between urban environments and nature. The trees aim to provide shelter and seasonal variation as well as an organic note to our ever-expanding cities.

Heritage Wood: Southern Spanish Carvings
Los Tres Juanes is a specialist company dedicated to creating historic woodwork in styles unique to the south of Spain. Their master craftsmen not only carry out pain-staking restorations, but also create new constructions for museums, churches and palaces.

spanish wood heritage 3juanes photo

Image Credit: Los Tres Juanes

Their work is mainly exported to Bahrain and Algeria and can also be admired in the ceiling of the Picasso Museum in Malaga and in the restored ceiling of the UNESCO-classified Alhambra Palace in Granada, which has breathtaking Arabic detailing. Watch this video if you're interested in this unique creaftmenship and how it staid alive through new technology and passion.

I will post a few more ingenious wood projects next week. Thanks to Confemadera who promoted the content, and ICEX and the EU Eiropean Reginal Development Fund who sponsored the project.

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