Wonderful Creative Reuse, and Repurposing at Inhabitat's Spring Greening Contest

inhabitat green competition image

Back in the day when TreeHugger described itself as the "Green Lifestyle Filter" and covered design like a bamboo fiber blanket, Inhabitat was the little upstart. Five years or so later, they regularly eat our lunch with features like their Spring Greening Contest, where they invited readers to come up with " creative and clever designs that find new uses for old household items, so dust off those dated appliances and refinish your unused furnishings into fresh examples of DIY design!"

inhabitat green competition sarah lamp

Sarah Turner won the Readers Choice Grand Prize award with her Soda Bottle Lamps, "collected from local cafes and households, and after a good cleaning, are sandblasted to make them opaque. Then some clever cutting transforms them into decorative forms perfect for lighting."

Susan Szenasy of Metropolis, (one of a killer panel of judges) wrote that "Sarah Turner has clearly thought about the versatility and beauty of her material. She treats it like a designer treats materials: experimenting with its various possibilities for form making and pattern making."

inhabitat green competition belt shelf

The Elasticshelf from SystemDesignStudio picked up the Editors' Choice Grand Prize.

But there were so many clever entries; they really should do an honorable mention category next year to cover ones like these. Dialing editor Meg right now to see what we can do to top this....More at Inhabitat

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