Woman happy living in 84 Square Foot Home

dee.jpgDee Williams wanted "a simpler life, time, more money. I don't have a mortgage. I don't have a big utility bill." So she built herself an 84 square foot house- "Not much to it. Simple. Small. A dream house tinier than a parking spot." Her monthly heating bill is $6 bucks and electricity is free from the solar panels.

Dee built the tiny cabin herself out of salvaged material. She picked the door out of a dumpster and retrieved the floors from a house fire. Dee's new tiny home sits in her friend's backyard.

To our eye it looks suspiciously like Jay Shafer's Tumbleweed Home but no credit is given in the article or video; . Nonetheless Dee is happy in her home. "Right now there's nowhere else I want to be!" Watch the video at ::Katu.com

UPDATE: As I said above, there was no reference on anything that I could find that said that Dee Williams was a customer of Tumbleweed Homes. As an architect I believe that credit to designers is important and wanted to make a point of it; knockoffs are rampant. The day I did the post I emailed Tumbleweed Homes, who I admire and have done a number of posts on, to confirm that she was a customer and never got a reply. Today I received an email accusing me of " biased, inept and/or skewed reporting." Biased I admit to: designers deserve credit. Skewed? perhaps. Inept? I tried and could find nothing. In the end unless someone gives credit where credit is due they deserved to be called on it. I support and promote designers like Jay Shafer and will continue to do so.

UPDATE 2: Tumbleweed Homes responded to my request saying "Dee actually did purchase her plans from Jay, and is one of his biggest fans. She also created her home with specialty green materials which she did on her own."

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