With a Hollow Frame, A Design Invites You to Personalize Your Chair


Images Courtesy of Stephan Schulz

Have you ever wished you could have more input in how your furniture looks and feels, other than selecting from a catalog? Well, if you want a chair that is truly personalized, but don't have the skill or the energy to make your own, I present to you the Comfy Cargo Chair. German designer Stephan Schulz gives you a steel framework, and lets you do the rest.


The framework is made of 8mm rounded steel, and only truly becomes a chair once you make it your own. Shulz writes:

The 'Comfy Cargo Chair' originated from the idea to create a piece of furniture which does not predetermine the surface for the user. The object is not finished, but rather requires creative collaboration by the owner. The initial rigid, cold and severe form of the chair offers an innovative basis for such a cooperation...By packing the chair full of personal belongings, the user changes the 'design', and thus becomes the creator of an individual piece of furniture.

Whether or not you like the look of the chair is a matter of taste, though I imagine that just about everyone could find a way to fill that chair that suits their fancy. And the design is great for reducing the production process down to the frame itself, meaning less waste.

The downside is that the Comfy Cargo Chair doesn't get any points for space-saving design, and moving the chair around is not going to be easy, as the frame alone weighs 46 pounds. And if you're inspired by this design, why not go the whole way and make your own chair?

But if you're staying put, feeling a bit lazy, and your junk drawer is full, this might be the chair for you. You just have to make it first.



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