Wired: Panel House by David Hertz

We have often joked that as houses get more and more energy efficient they will eventually closely resemble walk-in coolers. David Hertz is already there, using the super-insulated panels designed for industrial refrigerators. There is a little more glass than in most coolers, but according to Wired, it is "smart Glass"- not what you want facing west but that's where the beach is. However it has a reflective film to reflect the heat and a low-emissivity coating to hold it in at night. Other neat tricks include an automated window washing system that cleans the water through reverse osmosis, (can't have streaks, can we?) collects the water and uses it for the landscaping. Toss in a pneumatic elevator and a rooftop surf-cam and it is definitely wired material, if not quite Natural Home. Wired says "when the house gets cool-or warm- it stays that way. Now [owner] Ennis lives in a very large, very comfortable thermos." ::David Hertz via ::Wired not online yet, also see ::Inhabitat