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I just love Mauricio Alejo's picture of a ,postage meter time clock on file cabinet as bedside table

Coincident with Treehugger's Working From Home Makes More Sense Than Ever, Brendan I. Koerner at Wired writes " When gasoline costs $4 a gallon, companies shouldn't just be doing all they can to expand telecommuting — they should be scrapping their offices entirely. No, not turning them into toy-filled communal spaces... but abandoning them outright."

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Ah, the camaraderie and face-to-face collaboration

He writes about how it does not hurt corporate camaraderie.

"That might sound a bit radical to those who swear by the office's supposed benefits, like camaraderie and face-to-face collaboration. But time and again, studies have shown that telecommuters are every bit as engaged as their cubicle-bound brethren — and happier and more productive to boot. Last year, researchers from Penn State analyzed 46 studies of telecommuting conducted over two decades and covering almost 13,000 employees. Their sweeping inquiry concluded that working from home has "favorable effects on perceived autonomy, work-family conflict, job satisfaction, performance, turnover intent, and stress." The only demonstrable drawback is a slight fraying of the relationships between telecommuters and their colleagues back at headquarters — largely because of jealousy on the part of the latter group. That's the first problem you solve when you kill your office."

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At TreeHugger, we have had a continuous skype "water cooler" chat going since May. I have become friends with co-workers that I have never seen, and get along with them a lot better than many of my co-workers when I was in a real office and couldn't just turn them off. My editor isn't in my face like George Jetson's boss, but she knows where to find me.

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Brendan makes another good point about the benefits of building a virtual company:

"Ditching the office could also provide businesses with a leg up in the scramble to recruit and retain talent. For starters, location would no longer limit a company's employment pool — gifted Kansans wouldn't be forced to uproot their lives for opportunities in, say, California."

Why stop in Kansas? I get to work with people around the world and I can tell you, I never met a smarter bunch. Brendan nails it in Wired
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