Winning British Athletes Get Gold Mailboxes and Their Own Stamps

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The British are going all out to celebrate their winning Olympic athletes. An image of winning runner Usain Bolt was shot on the Houses of Parliament the night he won the 100 M race. The bridges are lit up in gold light when Britain wins a gold medal. The mail boxes in gold medal winners' home towns are being painted gold. Stamps are being issued with their pictures almost daily. Hand it to London: they have thought of everything.

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Royal Mail is outdoing themselves: issuing a stamp almost daily in honour of winning Gold medal athletes. Their goal is to do it within 24 hours of the win. So they have 100 people working round the clock to rush out the stamps, which are printed at six locations around the UK.

British mail is so great. The finished stamps get to 500 post offices by lunchtime the next day and 4,700 more within a week.

They are also painting a post box gold in the home towns of each winner. An interactive map shows who lives where so everyone can see where the boxes are located. Red has been the standard colour for UK mail boxes since 1874.

The one in Sheffield, celebrating heptathalon winner Jessica Ennis, has already been defaced with an inspired bit of patriotic graffiti: Go Jess.

Meanwhile, Royal Mail had better speed up their painting, given the rate at which the Brit's are winning the golds. No such problems for Canada.

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If that's not enough choice, a series of four quite interesting looking stamps have already been issued that celebrate four Olympic sports along with iconic London landmarks. So there is cycling and the London Eye, Athletics and the Stadium, Fencing and Tower Bridge and Diving into the Tate Modern. All designed by a British design company.

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