Winners of the Brit Insurance Design Awards Include Obama Poster, Sustainable Designs

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Image via Design Museum

The now-legendary Shepard Fairey-designed President Barack Obama poster has won the Design of the Year Award at the Brit Insurance Designs, 2009. TreeHugger highlighted several of the most interesting items on the short-list and now the winners in each category have been announced, among them a few notable green designs, including the unusual-but-cool public transit system in Medellin, Colombia above. Click through for more images of the winners.The iconic Obama "Hope" poster by Shepard Fairey wasn't part of the official Obama election campaign; it was the artist's own grass-roots contribution. The judges said it was "an example of how designers can get involved in political campaigns in a meaningful way - sales of his poster have raised over $400,000."

The Other Winners in Each Category:

Transport: Medellin Metro Cable
Medellin City in Colombia has introduced a traditional cable car mainly used in skiing resorts as a means of transportation in an urban context. People living in the poorer suburban communities on the hillsides can get to town in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Architecture: Oslo Opera House
Fashion: Italian Vogue, Black Issue
Interactive: Make magazine

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Image from Design Museum

Furniture: MYTO Chair
This chair, designed by an Italian furniture producer, is cantilevered and was a breakthrough in its manufacturing technique and modern end product.

magno radio photo

Product: Magno Wooden Radio
Blog Vote Winner: Magno Wooden Radio
The radio is made by hand by villagers in Indonesia out of sustainable wood. The villagers learned new carpentry skills and revived the local economy with the sales. Brit Insurance Design Award 2009
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