Wine that Transforms into a Lamp: The Perfect Gift

Cava Lamp by Ciclus - Photo

Image Courtesy of Ciclus Design.

The holiday season often finds companies giving gifts to their employees as a symbol of thanks for all their hard work throughout the year. Grupo Hera, a Spanish waste management and consulting firm commissioned a sustainably designed (and really cool) cava gift box from Ciclus with the theme of turning waste into resources. Cava is the Spanish equivalent of champagne, but much tastier. Ciclus surpassed their goal and is now also launching a jewellery line made from waste.

How this box turns into a lamp and a sneak peak at Ciclus Jewellery after the jump ...


In the above image you can see how this box acts as a carrying case for the cava bottle. It has a wooden outer packaging that slides off to reveal the cardboard inside and cava bottle. There is a "hidden compartment" below the cava where the electrical components for the lamp are stored. This wee cardboard box comes off and transforms into the base of the lamp, upon which you place the wooden structure to become the lamp shade.

Cava lamp instructions inside the box - photo

This image, provided by the designer, shows how the instructions are printed on the box to save paper.

Ciclus is a sustainable design project by Brasilian, Tatiana Guimarães. She extends the life cycle of materials by turning them into new and more interesting objects. Real reuse. This industrial designer and graphic designer came to Barcelona in 1998, already inspired by the newspaper baskets she saw a friend's mother make in 1997.

You should definitely look at the Ciclus website to see the full slideshow of how the box converts into a lamp, and how Guimarães uses more than 70% of the packaging to create this illuminating piece. She has created this lovely looking employee gift that gives very nice light and even comes with a CFL inside.


Jewellery from Waste by Tatiana Guimarães, image courtesy of the designer.

Guimarães is currently launching her own line of jewellery using waste materials that are now available in stores in Barcelona. We are going to keep an eye out for this talented young designer and hope that all bosses look for sustainable gifts or donations for the holiday season.

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