Windows With Water Reduce the Need for Cooling by 70%

We all know double glazing drastically reduces heating and cooling costs as well as noise levels. Still, glass heats up in the summer which is far from attractive when you’re inside a glass building. However, nobody wants to give up the beauty of such building from the outside nor the luminosity they provide inside and so glass is becoming more and more popular in modern architecture. The fact that glass heats up causes big problems in hot countries like Spain, especially in the summer, and leads to more and more air conditioning, not a very eco installation.
Luckily it seems innovation has entered those glass facade windows by adding water. A group of researchers at the Polytechnic University in Madrid (UPM) are developing a system to cool the windows by adding a 1cm slot through which the water circulates on the inside to absorb the heat of the sunbeams. The spin-off project of the UPM is called Inteliglass. With its installation, buildings with glass facades could save up to 70% on air conditioning. Contact Inteliglass for more information: (Tel: +34 91 336 59 71). via::Habitat Futura ::UPM Inteliglass (in Castilian)

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