Wind-Powered Land Mine Clearing Device is Nominee for London Design Museum's "Designs of the Year" Awards

design museum awardsmassoud hassani/Promo image
. Land-Mine Device, Massoud Hassani.

Every year London's Design Museum holds a competition to decide the Designs of the Year. First there is a long list, then a short list and then the big winner. It's a celebration of the best in global designs.

It's also a favourite TreeHugger game to guess the big winner (we've been right every year), but first, the nominees are...

Experts have nominated innovative and remarkable designs in seven categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Furniture, Graphics, Product and Transport.

Product Design

The winner of the most bizarre nominee, under Product, has to be the Mine Kafon, a wind-powered land-mine clearing device that costs only $40 to make.

Made of bamboo sticks exploding out of a plastic centre with an integrated GPS device, it rolls over the land, deactivating mines and keeping check of clean paths. The Olympic torch is nominated, as is perennial nominee Yves Béhar for his Jawbone JAMBOX (wireless speaker). The lovely and simple Learning Thermostat was nominated too.

Furniture Design

Furniture is always a strong category. The Textile Field at London's Victoria and Albert Museum by those favourites the Bouroullec brothers was on the list, a chair by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby (that's three nominations for them) and the delicate balsa wood chair by Kihyun Kim.

design museum awardsKihyun Kim/Promo image
. Kihyun Kim.

Digital Design

Digital includes the Guardian iPad edition, Letter to Jane, Portland, USA and The Stanley Parable, California, USA.


design museum awardsfashify/Promo image
. Bag by Vivienne Westwood.

Fashion includes the "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" show at New York's Metropolitan Museum, the Duchess of Cambridge’s Wedding Dress (no surprise on the winner in this category then), and Vivienne Westwood's Ethical Fashion Africa Collection ( a worthy choice).


design museum awardsODA/Promo image
. Velodrome.

In the Architecture area, the very ecological (and only Olympic building to be nominated) Olympic Velodrome was nominated, as was Maggie's Centre (a beautiful and sensitively designed hospice), and the Guangzhou Opera House, in Guangzhou, China by Zaha Hadid.


. Bike Hanger-Bicycle Storage, Manifesto Architecture.

In the Transport area, the Auto Lib car sharing system in Paris is on the list, as is the T27 Electric Car, and Bike Hanger-Bicycle Storage from a New York-based Manifesto Architecture, but built in Seoul.

The whole list is on the Museum's website.

The past big winners are: 2008 - One Laptop per Child; 2009 - Barack Obama Poster – Shepard Fairey; 2010 - Folding Plug – Min-Kyu Choi; and 2011 - the Plumen Lightbulb 001.

Wind-Powered Land Mine Clearing Device is Nominee for London Design Museum's "Designs of the Year" Awards
Nominees also include Kate Middleton's wedding dress, The Guardian's iPad edition, the T27 Electric Car, and more.

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