Win a Trip to Tokyo With Your Climate Friendly Ideas


It's hard to lose "green" in translation, especially in Japan, which is basically a country-sized treehugger. The Eco Business Creation Association, along with the awesome newsletter Japan for Sustainability and the telecom giant NTT, is calling for ideas from around the world for reducing CO2 emissions for their Cool the Earth contest. Better hurry though -- deadline's September 5th. The plan is for the best ideas to be turned into prototype projects in Japan and show the results of these projects to the global community in December at the Eco Products 2007 Exhibition, Japan's largest eco-related expo.

The first-prize winner gets an invitation to attend the exhibition in Tokyo. Enter here, and see some of last year's ideas here, including the Loopwing turbine.

To get an idea of what they're looking for, listen to judge and professor Fumikazu Masuda:

The theme of this contest sounds grand; however, it's more like consulting someone on how we can live our lives more respectably from now on... how can we change our stress-filled modern society, economy and culture? I have focused on the reduction of atmospheric CO2 concentration, an increasingly prevalent concern, as an indicator, simply because it is relatively simple to monitor the effects. However, I encourage you to propose new social and lifestyle choices, rather than technologies, to curb and eliminate CO2 emissions.

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