Wilson House by Breathe Architects


I fell in love with this model of Martin Liefhebber's Wilson House at the Cambridge Galleries booth at IIDEX/Neocon. Owner John Wilson writes about sustainable living and conducts tours of the house; more information ::here



Higher insulation values of R50-60 for walls
Straw Bale Construction, breathing walls
Sahara architecture, natural cooling
Smart windows, high R values
Natural lighting, low energy lighting
Natural, renewable, non-toxic materials
Engineered passive solar design and orientation
Green roof, natural cooling system
No furnace!
Integrated solar hot water
Highly integrated solar / wind renewable energy systems, electricity grid inter-tie
Composting integration
Organic vegetable garden


Martin Liefhebber and Breathe Architect Inc. "is a unique architectural firm fusing expertise from a variety of interrelated disciplines to develop affordable and environmentally sensitive manifestations." ::Breathe Architects


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