Wildlife Crossing Competition Finalists Propose Amazing Bridges

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Olin Studio ARC Competition; PDF here
Designboom reminds us of the ARC International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition, , to promote "innovation in feasible, buildable context-sensitive and compelling design solutions for safe, efficient, cost-effective, and ecologically responsive wildlife crossings." It is proposed for Vail, Colorado, and the short list of five finalists was recently released. I think that drawing from Olin Studio is a stunner.
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all images credit ARC

Balmori Associates
of New York built their bridge out of prefabricated wood; structurally it is the most interesting and architecturally looks like a contour map underneath. PDF Here
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Toronto's Janet Rosenberg writes:

Every aspect of the crossing structure has been considered from an animal's perspective. We conceptualized the crossing with great sensitivity to how animals see, how they hear sound, what site characteristics they prefer.

Because like and noise from cars and trucks are distressing to wildlife, they integrated noise attenuation barriers, the high red walls, into the bridge. PDF here

wildlife crossing competition finalists image zwartz

Zwartz of the Netherlands seems more preoccupied with the structure, making a beautiful double curved arch. PDF here.

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Michael Van Valkenburgh & Associates developed a precast concrete vaulting system that they claim will let them build the whole thing without ever having to close the road. PDF here

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The Jury:

  • Dr. Anthony Clevenger, Senior Research Scientist (Road Ecology), Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University.

  • Prof. Charles Waldheim (Jury Chair), John E. Irving Professor and Chair of Landscape Architecture, Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

  • Jane Wernick, Structural Engineer and Director of Jane Wernick Associates, London.

  • William L. Withuhn, Curator Emeritus, History of Technology and Transportation, Smithsonian Institution

  • Prof. Jane Wolff, Associate Professor and Chair of Landscape Architecture, John H. Daniels Faculty of Landscape, Architecture and Design, University of Toronto

More at ARC

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