Why Isn't Every Key A Keybrid? It Makes So Much Sense.


Image credit Lloyd Alter

When I first saw the Keybrid in Wired Magazine I thought a) why bother? and b) how would it work, when you see a wall of blanks on every locksmith's wall? But then the designer, Scott Amron, sent me some and I realized that a) he is the really funny and clever designer behind the Off light switch, Brush and Rinse and my beloved Die Electric. Furthermore, b) just two key blanks fit 95% of the locks in North America.

For all of you committed minimalists out there, integrating the key and the ring does mean that you own one less thing. And it really does clip on to clothing and belt loops (with a little bit of work at first), reducing the chance of losing the key. As one can see in the video, you can even blow bubbles. More at Keybrid.


Since I love Scott's clever, almost subversive work, I trolled around his site to see what other wonders I had missed and discovered his cigarette fridge magnet (just what every parent wants on their child's artwork).....

And also his very clever HEATSWELL cup. Scott writes:

Pour a hot beverage like coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soup into this thin stackable coffee cup and watch its midsection swell to form a cool insulating collar - a 100% genuine endothermic reaction.

While TreeHugger does not approve of disposable cups, Scott makes the case that eliminates the need for a separate sleeve, and that it is recyclable and biodegradable. More at Amron Exptl
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