Why Are Australian and New Zealand Houses So Cool?

Prefabs and Containers

A low population density usually is an indicator for a bigger prefab industry as it is hard to find trades in remote locations. A warm climate and a love of the outdoors probably encourages smaller units. Australian and New Zealand architects have responded:

Bachkit designer Andre Hodgskin is back with the iPAD.

In Australia, RAL has been providing a clever arched panel system since 1989. The basic module consists of eight engineered panels that join together to form an arch; they say that two workers with a basic knowledge of carpentry and standard tools can simply bolt panels together. RAL Domes

It is a wall of containers, built against a hill in Wellington, New Zealand, designed and built by Ross Stevens. It uses the spaces between the containers and the hill to expand its living space beyond that limiting interior dimensions of a standard ISO box. Shipping Container House By Ross Stevens

HABODE is an eco-friendly concept that appears to fold out of two shipping container sized frames that can be transported anywhere using standard container handling equipment, without being limited by the solid steel walls of a standard shipping container. HABODE: Home Can Be Anywhere

A bach "is the name given in New Zealand to structures akin to small, often very modest holiday homes or beach houses.They are an iconic part of New Zealand history and culture." Cecile Bonnifait and William Giesen of atelier workshop have built a bach out of a box, a 20' shipping container. Port-a-Bach Shipping Container Holiday Home

Now, even more recycled fun can be had in Melbourne-based Phooey Architects’ shipping container playground, which revamps four shipping containers and other reclaimed materials into an attractive yet functional activity centre, designed to provide kids living in South Melbourne’s public housing with safe spaces to create art, dance and play. Shipping Container Funhouse From Phooey Architects
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