Why are Architects' Offices So Different?


Over at Archdaily they invited architects from around the world to submit photos of their offices, and they demonstrate an interesting phenomenon: Architects usually design their spaces for collaboration.

Where most businesses use have private offices, cube farms or office systems that promote privacy, architect's offices so often ignore the rules that they impose on others and are in each others face, all the time.


Those of us who toil alone in our home offices would most likely not trade them for a private office or cubicle, but I certainly can see the attraction of sitting around a big table and discussing issues with our other writers.


Working this way takes up so much less space, needs so much less furniture and lighting, and encourages interaction, perhaps the only good reason for still going to an office. Why is it so rare?

More offices at Archdaily

This is too good an idea not to steal. Do you have an interesting, different or particularly green office, either home or shared? Send us a picture via Facebook.

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