Who Will Build The Next Climate Ark?

Republican termites excavating climate ark

Republican termites excavating climate ark timbers. Image credit:Aacute Pest Control.
The metaphorical climate ark.
I once thought that Europeans were building a metaphorical climate ark - taxing motor fuels heavily; implementing stringent codes for energy efficient buildings; and installing massive amounts of wind power - setting for the world an example of how not drown in the future. Now it looks as if the Greek economic collapse will puncture that thought.

Tom Friedman posits China as the leading example. But they are coal-bound. The UN has been climate-gated.

Some thought the Obama Administration would show the world how to build a climate Ark. US public opinion is running the other way, however, while Republican termites gnaw hungrily at the first timbers laid (as pictured). Who is left? Chavez? Gore? Sane Evangelicals?
Versus the literal Ark.
It's a fine line separating the metaphorical Ark - one which symbolizes the beneficence of God - from the literal Ark that delusive people keep seeking with carbon 14 dating of wood bits. NY Daily Post had the latest example of this nuttiness with their story 'Noah's Ark' found atop Mount Ararat in Turkey, evangelical group claims.

"It's not 100% that it is Noah's Ark, but we think it is 99.9% that this is it," Yeung Wing-cheung, a Hong Kong documentary filmmaker, told AFP.

Wing-Cheung, a member of the 15-member team from Noah's Ark Ministries International, said the structure in which they got the wood had several compartments that were possibly used to store animals.

Up to one third of all animal biomass on earth is estimated to be made up of ants and termites. Assuming there was once a place in the 99.9% Ark for each and every species you'd think that wet wood left on bare Ararat would long ago have turned to termite and ant poop. But that gets to a never-ending debate.

Religious and political leaders can lead and inform both ways. They can take us into a metaphorical Ark from which we can mitigate against projected damage and they can plan for literally rising waters. (As long as they don't cut down many trees for this purpose.)

If we are to confront Climate before it is too late, I think as a practical matter, that religious leaders of the world will have to get more of us on board, and do it fast. Do you agree?

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