Who Needs Walls And Ceilings When You Live In A Phalanstery

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Images credit Bureau Spectacular/ Jiminez Lai

Walls are so underutilized, just sitting there holding up the ceiling, while the floor does all the work of supporting everything that we do. Jiminez Lai of the Bureau Spectactular designed the Phalanstery Module, where all surfaces can be occupied. He designed it for a hypothetical zero gravity environment, but it appears to work on earth as well.

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It's probably really healthy, keeping occupants moving, and social too.

The installation is a structure rotating once an hour- at the same rate as a clock. Every 15 minutes one of the surfaces becomes parallel to the ground. In the middle of every 7.5 minute conversation, two people are bound to collide.

There are some problems that would have to be resolved if one was going to live in a rotating room (as can be seen in Zeger Reyers's installation last year, shown below) but it is an interesting idea for an apartment or home, just spin the dial until you are in the room you need. More on Architizer.

rotating kitchen from Zeger Reyers on Vimeo.

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