Who Needs Furniture?


That's the question asked by student designer Theo Zeniou in his work, on display at an exhibition by Buckinghamshire New University’s MA furniture design and technology graduates, on display at the Vitra showroom this week in London. Zeniou's imaginative work gives furniture a second home on the wall, giving it both dual purpose as 3D art and getting it up and out of the way when not in use.

His artful designs are a great space-saving solution, and include the small office setup above -- it's easy to see where the chair is, but can you figure out where the table comes from? -- and an ingenious stool that doubles as a flower on the wall. It's all functional art, fun to use and easy to put away; hit the jump to see the stool and what the office setup looks like on the floor. ::Theo Zeniou via ::Dwell Daily



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