Who Needs A Watch When They Have A Cell Phone?

suunto core wrist watch photo

Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Depth Measurement (Light Green). Image and caption credit:Amazon.

Fashion watches will soon disappear from department stores, extirpated by the same thing that's wiping out phone books and yellow pages: digital devices.

When a fellow wants to know what time it is there's usually cell phone in his pocket (which, marvelously, someone else is responsible for keeping set). That phone handles time-zone change automatically - something few fashionable watches can do. Some women keep their cell phone in a purse; but often I see men and women walking with cell phones in hand, time in their faces.There will always be specialty watches that have GPS or pulse monitor or whatever else a serious athlete or geek might want (as pictured).

Those palladium pr niobium or whatever other *ium-cased Euro-watches that advertise in the Sunday New York Times, however, are fast being relegated to antique status (symbols).

Advantage of going watch-less
A college student on tight class schedule might want a watch. Also, a person who works in a building where cell phones must be kept off. Definitely, doctors and nurses and pilots need dependable watches. But, most people don't; and, for that reason, a whole lot of batteries and noble metals and packaging can be foregone. Less is more.

After emerging from some concentrating task, a day dream, or reading a book, for example, I'll often try to guess what time it is. Usually I can peg it within ten minutes. Do others do this?

Have you ever known someone who, when asking for the time, would demand an answer to the nearest second? Kids do that a lot. I purposefully answer to the nearest quarter hour to elicit an explanation as to what awesome thing might happen at any second.