Who Needs a Shopping Bag With a Mottainai Furoshiki?


The Japanese Minister of the Environment doesn't like plastic bags any more than we do, but instead of a shopping bag that one always leaves at home, she uses a furoshiki made from recycled PET bottles. Furoshiki were first used as wrapping cloths in the Muromachi era, 1392-1573. She says "The furoshiki is so handy that you can wrap almost anything in it regardless of size or shape with a little ingenuity by simply folding it in a right way. It's much better than Plastic bags you receive at supermarkets or wrapping paper, since it's highly resistant, reusable and multipurpose. In fact, it's one of the symbols of traditional Japanese culture, and puts an accent on taking care of things and avoiding wastes." The ministry has produced a PDF with instructions with 14 different ways of folding a cloth so that you can carry just about anything. We are going to start practicing today! ::Japan Ministry of the Environment, Download a PDF of the folding plans here, (or view online here) via ::MocoLoco

UPDATE: I was so excited when I saw this on Mocoloco that I did not search and find that Alex covered this exact story last December. And that Jasmin did too! Apologies all round.

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