Where Will Guests Sleep At The Tiny Summer Cottage?

wall tent photo

Cabela's Blend Wall Tent Image credit:Cabellas.

Over the years, Lloyd especially but also Roberta and others have posted stories about lovely summer cottages: typically shown nestled in the woods or by a lake. Although enticing, some are so small they remind me of the Amish-made lawn tractor sheds common among suburban homeowners of Eastern Pennsylvania. (I have such a shed with unfinished interior and three windows: 12' X 16' - $1,400 delivered.) Nice vacation starting point for a couple or a family of three in the woods but after that you are pretty limited and if no hot shower is available and there are lots of people you'll have to pretend you are at a reunion in rural France.A recent example of the small cottage post is CasaSugar Tours a Tiny Summer Cottage in Finland. Like many others seeing the small getaway cottage pictured, my first thought is generally: 'Wouldn't that be nice? But what would you do with a large number of guests?" How will you give people their space?

The answer is, you need an outfitter-style wall tent (as pictured) that can be stored on-site or brought in as needed. This assumes the actual cottage can handle the cooking and toilet demands of a big group.

Other guest considerations.
If the indoor composting toilet is an issue, I suggest adding an outhouse with a modest lower volume, so guests will not overstay their welcome.

Outfitters like Cabellas also sell LP gas fired tent showers and for you deep greenies, solar showers, as shown below.


Wall tent options.
Cabellas, for example, sells wall tents in a variety of models and sizes. The model pictured, which has a center height of 9 feet, can host a tent stove if needed, and can be ordered with floor sizes ranging from 10' x 12' x 6' to:

  • 12' x 14' x 5' or

  • 12' x 17' x 5' or

  • 14' x 17' x 5' or

  • 16' x 20' x 5'

Cost varies between roughly $800 and $1,200, and weight between 37 and 65 pounds.


  • No zoning permission or permits needed for a tent.

  • Other cabin-type or wall-tent suppliers can be found, many in the US West, to cater to hunters. Some models are bigger and fancier

  • Possible to set one of these up on a deck, and make it contiguous with the cottage.