Where To Live in an America With $4 Gas

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Matthew Blackett of Spacing points out a study ranking the 50 largest US cities by their readiness to deal with $4 gasoline. TreeHugger readers will be familiar with the argument that denser cities with good transit use less fossil fuel per person; this study by Warren Karlenzig of Common Current goes further and looks at degree of sprawl, rate of usage of oil for heating, percentage of people who telework and use of transit.

Best Cities to Live In

1. San Francisco
2. New York
3. Chicago
4. Washington, DC
5. Seattle
6. Portland, OR
7. Boston
8. Philadelphia
9. Oakland, CA
10. Denver

" Ranking highest were cities with strong public transit system ridership, well-organized and dense city centers, a high degree of mixed real estate uses (retail, commercial, residential), and medium to high population density. Some cities, such as Honolulu, were reduced in the overall ranking by their use of oil for electricity, while Boston and New York were slightly reduced in their ranking because of their use of oil for heating. "


Worst Cities to Live In

41. Virginia Beach, VA
42. Forth Worth, TX
43. Nashville, TN
44. Arlington, TX
45. Jacksonville, FL
46. Indianapolis, IN
47. Memphis, TN
48. Louisville, KY
49. Tulsa, OK
50. Oklahoma City, OK

Interestingly, "With the exception of Indianapolis, all ten of these cities lie within what has been called the nation’s Sunbelt. The region experienced tremendous population growth during the 1960s and 1970s with development that can often be characterized as urban or exurban sprawl. "

Download the full report, "Major US City Preparedness for an Oil Crisis" (PDF)

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