Where Should This Furniture Be Sold?


We mentioned Studioandolina's bamboo furniture last month, and were impressed with Seattle-based designer Gary Andolina's dedication to using renewable wood sources (he likes bamboo about as much as we do) and his modern, clean designs. Last week, this TreeHugger got an email from Gary, saying, "I saw and was pleasantly surprised by your article in TreeHugger. I am presently looking for stores to sell my tables in. I am wondering if you have any stores you can suggest. I am also curious about other stores you may know about that are not eco-friendly but straight retail outlets." For locations in Seattle, Velocity Art & Design (which counts Atlantico furniture and Esque glass designs among its "eco-friendly" offerings), Greener Lifestyles (we've featured their sofas and lamps before) and One Earth One Design, whose new retail location got our attention awhile back, all jumped to mind. When it comes to online shops, there's our old friends at Vivavi, plus 2modern's "Eco-friendly" section and we thought Andolina's work might fit in well at Design Public, who offers David Brunicardi's work (remember him? We've featured his work here and here), among other TreeHugger-friendly furniture. That's just a quick list; does anyone else have any ideas, eco-friendly and otherwise, for Gary? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. ::Studioandolina

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