When it comes to cycle accessories, the wurst is yet to come with the Backbrat

Here it is, a fresh addition to our Just What We Needed department: Mathias Hintermann's Backbrat, a "convenient, portable bicycle grill for your bike trip." The market is the German cyclist, where they love their bratwurst. The designer analyzed everything from the best teeny Nuernberger to the wurst, the foot long Coburger.

Originally Hintermann tried to integrate a beer carrier into the grill because in Germany, you can't have one without the other; in the end, the beer, buns and and the go backpacking. John Metcalfe at Atlantic Cities notes that it is " perhaps the first cycle that adds calories to the rider."

It really has everything you need, from a grill to a boiling section to a cutting board. You boil the bratwurst in beer, then toss them onto the grill section. "Each compartment is seamlessly integrated into one unit for a uniquely mobile biking excursion."

Hintermann notes that there are half a million suitable city/trekking bikes in Germany and that Germans eat 5.9 pounds of bratwurst per year. Before all the vegetarian readers ask "why is this on TreeHugger?" I should note that nothing prevents you from putting a veggie dog or a few grilled vegetables on the thing. Just don't show up in Germany with them.

Works on e-bikes, too. More at Mathias Hintermann

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