When Art Rolls In From The Sea


Sure, designers reuse wood and turn parts of old furniture into new items, but still, leftovers get sawed off and end up as scrap. Unlike useful objects, such as chairs and tables, works of art can be created from a hodgepodge of parts that don't necessarily have to fit together. Take Uri Eliaz's work for example. The Jaffa artist with a studio on Rehov Eilat in south Tel Aviv, has built a small army of sculptures from found objects he collected at sea. It blew our mind when we were confronted by the hundreds of sculptures waiting patiently on the first floor of the studio. Made us feel like we entered some sort of creepy Tim Burton flick.


Not only does Uri Eliaz create art from found objects, he is also a painter who works on "green" canvas bought from the German postal authority. He says the old delivery bags that he cuts up give him the perfect texture for spreading oil paints. And old doors and lids from large canisters, he says, also work well for painting on. Makes you wonder why artists still buy materials from expensive art shops? TreeHugger related: Recycled Art Show Winners & Recycled Public Art
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