Wheels on Fire


Holland is a small and flat country, so bike riding is an easy, popular solution for travelling short distances. With 16 million people in the country, nearly everyone owns a bike. Many of the older bikes are abandoned at the repair shop or worse... Others finish their lives in accidents, canals or ditches. Wheels-on-Fire, a Rotterdam-based industrial designer, collects old bicycles and turns them into stylish and good-looking lighting, furniture and handbags. The bags for men and women are made out of woven rubber. The women's have long shoulder straps and the men's have a good flap and an air valve as a lock. For the long-distance bicyclist, there is an ingenious and complicated saddle bag. Hanging light fixtures with 7 or 9 lights are made out of the rim of the bicycle wheel, with red or black cord to suspend it. The tables, and deck chairs are made out of woven rubber that could withstand any outdoor weather conditions. :: Wheels-on-Fire

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