What's Your Building's EQ? - ASHREA Testing Whole Buildng Energy Use Program, Certificate

building eq label image

Image credit:BuildingEQ.com, Building Energy Quotient Certificate example, "A-" as designed.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is pilot testing it's newly made Building Energy Quotient (sample certificate pictured). The commissioning certificate sample shown indicates per-square-foot energy consumption the building is designed to achieve . Later, it can be upgraded to indicate energy actually consumed per square foot. Although it is hard to imagine a developer or property agent showing anything below a "B" to a prospective tenant. Eco-intel has a review here.From the EcoIntel review:

Like Energy Star, Building EQ focuses solely on energy but will provide additional features, including potential side-by-side comparison of As Designed and In Operation ratings; peak-demand reduction and demand management opportunities; energy use from on-site renewables; measurement-based indoor environmental quality indicators to assure levels of service are maintained; and a list of operational features, including commissioning activities, energy-efficiency improvements and information about how performance can be improved.

Rather than the simple pass/fail score provided by Energy Star, buildings will earn a grade of A+ through F; the scale is aimed at allowing differentiation among buildings at the highest level of performance and encouraging owners and designers to reach for net-zero-energy buildings.

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