What's Bus Stop Consolidation? A Way to Make Transit Faster for Little Money (Video)

The Bus Doesn't Have to Stop Every Block...
If public transit was faster, more people would take it. That's a pretty non-controversial statement. Of course speed isn't the only factor (cost, safety, reliability), but it's a big one. One of the things that makes a lot of bus transit systems slow is the over-abundance of stops; over time, the number of stops usually go up and then nobody dares get rid of those 'legacy' stops because they're afraid of the backlash from local residents who might have to walk an extra block or two. But if we want to make the whole system work better for everybody, some people are going to have to live with the inconvenience (and while they might have to walk more, their commutes might also be shorter because of the fewer stops). Via StreetFilms. See also: Long Beach, California, Wants to be #1 Bike-Friendly City in U.S. (Video)

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